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I just had a session via FaceTime with Katie this week and it was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long, long time. She was able to get right to the meat of things and very specifically point out issues–both emotional and physical–that are blocking my progress. She also had great suggestions for me to follow up on. The report she provided ahead of time was DEAD. ON. In fact, I either gasped in amazement or laughed in astonishment repeatedly on my first reading. (Seriously, how did she know that one thing about that one tooth that was completely rare?!). Katie is the real deal. Highly recommended!

Katie is AMAZING! During my reading she helped me understand why some unexplainable things were happening to me. She’s helped me develop my gifts and also helped me medically with my late stage Lyme disease! She knew things no one knew and also brought to my attention a possible issue that could be developing medically. Months later that issue surfaced as doctors discovered the issue. Because of Katie’s mention of it I was calm and did not panic when doctors found the problem. She’s helped me understand a lot of things! I’m forever grateful!

I’m so glad I made the appointment to meet with Katie, she had randomly connected with me a few weeks prior out of the blue and was spot on! The report she prepared for me was very accurate and brought to light issues I know I need to resolve. Her insight and energy is positive and I felt comfortable to open up with her. I would highly recommend a reading with Katie! It was enlightening and I know it will ultimately help me grow as a human being.

I never met Katie prior to our appointment. I was absolutely amazed with the detail and accuracy of her assessment of my medical issues! During my session with Katie, I felt that she understood me. She was compassionate, empathetic, and so easy to talk to. Her suggestions were very helpful and provided me with a sense of direction. I am also grateful that she continues to be available to me even after our in-person session. Thank you Katie!

I met with Katie recently and based on the outcome I soon after made my daughter an appointment as well. It was amazing to me that Katie validated emotionally and physically what I was going through at the time and gave me the tools necessary to address it. Her insight and intuitive skills are spot on as there is no possible way she could have ever known all the nuances about myself and my daughter that she brought forth. Katie is very compassionate in her delivery and also has a great sense of humor which eased my anticipation immediately.
She is very generous with her time and her presentation is extremely comprehensive and I appreciated receiving all my information just prior to the appointment so I could review and digest all of her findings first then discuss it together. Oh and did I mention she is a remarkable medium as well, the best was my daughter receiving direct messages from her father through Katie. I feel everyone could benefit spiritually, emotionally and physically from meeting with Katie and I am looking forward to my next session! Thank you Katie – you are amazing!

I am so glad I booked an appointment with Katie! I was amazed at how accurate her emotional and physical readings of me were. She provided a very thorough written report of her findings before I met with her. This made it easy to listen during my appointment because I didn’t have to take notes. Katie is a kind and giving person that goes above and beyond to help. She shared useful resources and offered advice that has been beneficial. I highly recommend Katie to anyone who is having difficultly resolving health or emotional issues.

Like to first express my gratitude to Katie .

Very gifted woman, that has given me many answers to my life’s ups & downs .more downs for sure.

Losing trust in my journey of health and doubting the medical system, even family and friends .

Katie, being a kind beautiful soul has given me faith back, lifted a heavy burden which I have been carrying for far too long .

Unsure of my treatment team of practioners, treating a long term misdiagnosed chronic illness had uncertainty of my well being . Katie has given me more of a guide to go on .

As she has knowledge of my illness and found more underlying issues that haven’t been detected or treated .

I feel reassured finally with her support love and help

Feeling loved accepted and understood

Thank you Katie xxxxx

I called Katie after being sick for over a year and a half.  I went to four different doctors and specialist and none of them could figure our what was going on. They just wanted to treat my symptoms.

I’m not sure what lead me to Katie but I’m so glad I called her. After talking with her for a short while she told me I had Lyme Disease. I told her that I was told that probably wasn’t the case. But she told me to find a LLMD and get tested through Ingenix lab. Sure enough, I had Lyme Disease. It was an old infection that probably popped up after a year of constant stress with my mother and sister.

I’m still undergoing treatment and many things have improved. But I’m not back to even 60% yet. But without Katie leading me to the right treatment I’m not sure where I would be today.

She is so kind and understanding.  I have recommended her services to a few of my friends and will continue to do so.

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie recently. I was completely blown away at the accuracy of my reading…she hadn’t even met me when she made my chart. She was able to tell me things that I could do to better myself both physically and emotionally. I felt very connected to her. She really took a personal interest in helping me and we communicated well after my visit. She is a special woman with a very special gift!

I met Katie through my neighbor, almost by happenstance. She did not know anything other than my first name when we met. She clearly has tremendous insight and a healing gift. She was able to provide me with much insight to my current health and wellness issues. We bonded instantly and I am so grateful to have her as a contact for future references. Thank you, Katie! xoxoxo