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What is the difference between the $299 reading and the $199 reading?

The $299 reading includes a detailed, individualized four page report, a symbolic painting, an hour meeting and follow up which means the ability to ask questions about the reading later by email at no additional charge and having me look at labs, etc if needed.  The $199 reading includes the painting and meeting only.

Do you have to be sick to benefit from a reading?

No!  Many of my clients aren’t ill at all, they just want help with relationships, life decisions, enhancing their life and connecting to their intuition, career decisions, coaching and more.

Do you get information other than just medical and emotional?

Yes!  The readings are medical and emotional in nature but you also get information about spirituality, your childhood, your family and family history, genetics, supplements and vitamins, intuitive and psychic abilities, connecting to your intuition, relationships, work, creativity and much more. On average 75 to 90 pieces of very personal information are contained in the report and painting.

How often do people get readings after the initial reading?

That depends on the person.  Often people will check in with me once a month since I offer a discounted rate of $95 per hour after the initial reading.  Sometimes every two months or as needed.  Many people get full readings once a year or get a reading just with a painting after six months if they are dealing with a serious health issue.

Why do you charge $299?

The report and painting take at least an hour and a half to prepare before I have even met with you plus there is more time involved in follow up.  Most well known medical intuitives charge much more and you don’t get a report, painting or follow up.

What information do you need?

I only need your name and age.  Not your birth date.

Since you are a medium, is a medical intuitive reading also a medium reading?

It is common for me to get information from loved ones who have passed while I am creating the reports but it is not a medium reading.  We don’t have time since there is so much information to discuss.

Can I ask questions?


How does insurance work?

You can use an HSA account card.  Since I am also a licensed professional counselor, if you have OUT OF NETWORK insurance for counseling, if you have met your deductible or are close to it, I will give you a receipt for reimbursement.  Most people are able to be reimbursed at least 80%.  I cannot guarantee reimbursement. 

Do you do counseling?

Yes!  The rate is $95 per hour and I will also work with your insurance reimbursement.

Does getting an intuitive reading go against any religious teachings or the Bible?

Definitely not. What I do has a basis in love and has nothing to do with religion at all. If it were not for my Jungian therapist teaching me to find the connection with “God within” when I was sixteen years old, I don’t believe I would be here at all and definitely wouldn’t be recovered from the eating disorder or depression.  When I refer to getting information from my guides, intuition or Spirit, Spirit refers to a universal God and I believe that my guides, like angels, receive information directly from that source which is pure love.